A very interesting article of Bruce Schneier, a well known security expert, is going deeper into the details about biometrics and especially fingerprint authentication. It clearly describes the needs of further development and better technologies to secure our personal data.

One of the common problems is the fact, that a centralized database containing millions of different account and the associated fingerprints of the users, would also contain a large number of collisions. This belongs to the problem, that the rate of false positive recognition (FAR) could practically not reach 0%. Common FAR rates for fingerprint authentication systems are located in a range between 1% to 5%, which will lead to e.g. 1000 – 5000 collisions of fingerprint data within 100.000 user accounts. Well, we will need authentication systems which are capable to uniquely and safely identify millions of users if you are thinking about governmental or other huge user counting contexts.

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