What if we could simply move some pictures and tell a story only we know to login?

The Idea: A Semantic Story

Instead of arranging arbitrary alphanumeric characters in a complex order (like ‘DjK7-Uikk2’), you will see a group of your favorite pictures and select some of them to tell a story that is meaningful and memorable for you.

This Demo only uses the factor “knowledge” (the secret move pattern). PASSPOL consists of several factors which are combined to a highly secure and unique cryptographic token which is also hard to break by brute force or guessing attacks.

Try it!

This is the public semantic story behind the pattern:

Alice sails with Bob to an island finding a secret treasure. Alice got the key, and Bob threw it into the sea.

Now enter the secret move sequence, which can be found in the video.

It looks like a game..

..but behind the scenes, the system generates a unique statistically equal high entropy pattern of characters. Therefore, together with other technical factors not used in this demo, you handle a usable strong “password”, you use it quickly and conveniently and it is strongly memorable without extensive practice. PASSPOL uses the so-called Dual-coding theory to enable a real human-centered design.

The PASSPOL pattern used in this demonstration represents about 75bits of entropy and equals a strong textual password. Enabling all features of PASSPOL makes it possible to use much higher entropy.