Anxiety also is an orientation function for our mind. What triggers anxiety is the loss of control. 

First of all, fear is a basic human feeling of survival. Evolution gave this mechanism to us to protect us. Fear is an alarm function. When danger threatens, it provides energy to fight or escape. There is, however, the pathological anxiety that occurs even though there is really no reason for it. It ensures that a threat is perceived much more intensively than would be appropriate.

Well, now let’s adapt this human behavior to cyber security.

Providing the user with a convenient and secure login system that promises security without the user having to actively do something about it will cause anxiety. Fear of having no control over one ‘s own safety, but rather giving this control to an intransparent technical system.

So it is useful to give control back to people and not try to completely remove passwords and replace them with biometric or behavioral authentication systems. Rather, it is necessary to establish a simple, comfortable and memorable password system. Otherwise people will be scared. Not because they want it, but because evolution has planned it that way.